Episode Summary

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Check out here for a quick review of every episode right here. Go through and see if you like the subject matter and know what you are wanting to listen to. Kinda lets you know what to expect LOL

#1 First Episode

First Episode

How it all started!!! The debut of the podcast. Discussing the Juneteeth celebration and the Tulsa Race Massacre along with some real life work stories and just me being me!

Q & A Bonus Episode

Extra Content

A little bonus content!!! Answering questions from the FB group

#2 Bill Cosby release news and Mandela Effects

Bill Cosby release news and Mandela Effects

Talk about Bill Cosby's release from prison and the concept of Mandela effects and how they work and circulate

#3 Just my Opinion

Just My Opinion

I answer questions from my listeners and talk about some of the amenities that members of my group can potentioally receieve

Let Me Explain

Extra Content

Candid bonus content on why there was no episode last week. Honesty and a little weird....ALL ME!!

#4 No F***boys Please

No F***boys Please

Discussing White privilege. Personal opinions on f***boys.

#5 Workplace Unreadiness

Workplace Unreadiness

From issues in the workplace to future plans  and ideas for future episodes